90,000 words over 60 days to get to a first draft…

Printed out first draft of new manuscript today. 90,000 words, and this draft took 60 days, including several long stretches when I was not writing and was instead sucked into the million other things that take one’s time. Still, I averaged 1500 words a day, even with those breaks. 
My per-day average just on the days I was actually writing was 2500. (Really, I tend to write about 5000 words a day for a few days, then spend a few days editing, during which time the word count doesn’t change radically, so it averages out to 2500.) (This is extremely nerdy writer talk, but it helps impose discipline and a deadline.)
Next to the manscript in the picture is my day-by-day graph of number of words written. I was hoping to tell the story in 75,000 words (nice length for a YA novel), but it ended up at 90,000. That’s okay — leaves me room to cut out anything remotely boring.
Now comes the scary part — the first full read of the book. I will discover if this is 90k words that could have been written by a monkey on a typewriter or if it’s a decent first draft that can be turned into a more-than-decent second draft and a hey-that’s-pretty-good third draft, leading to whoa-this-is-great fourth draft.