Disruptor Playlist

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The songs on this playlist are a bit more introspective and melancholy than those on the other playlists of this series. Maybe it was the experience of writing a last book in a long story that made this playlist more meditative.

1. DEMONS by The National

For Shinobu definitely.

When I think of you in the city
The sight of you among the sites
I get this sudden sinking feeling
Of a man about to fly
Never kept me up before
Now I’ve been awake for days
I can’t fight it anymore
I’m going through an awkward phase

2. WOLF DRAWN by Emancipator

This is a great, atmospheric song for the long, lonely journeys in this book–Quin caught There, Nott stumbling through the woods…


Another atmospheric “sound track” song for this story.

4. YOUNG LIARS by TV On The Radio

This song makes me think of Shinobu for sure, but also John.

Lonely is all we are
Lovely so far
But my heart’s still a marble
In an empty jelly jar

5. PSYLLA by Glass Animals

This song is both creepy and sweet, a combination that weaves its way through several parts of this book.


6. I SHOULD LIVE IN SALT by The National

7. HERO by Family Of The Year


This is the song of all of Seeker history unfolding before Quin. And what a great video!

9. WHO BY FIRE by Leonard Cohen

There’s nothing I can say to illuminate this song more than it does itself. It’s a mood and a character and a dark fairy tale.

10. HUMILIATION by The National

A strange love story.