India: Ambani house and slums

We became obsessed with this building. It’s the Ambani residence, 27 stories tall, 400,000 square feet of living space.
It was build a few years ago for the six members of the Ambani family: Mr. Ambani, his wife, their three kids and his mother. It’s serviced by 600 staff, because 500 really wouldn’t have been enough.


Just in front of it is this other really nice building with a lot of laundry hanging out of the windows. The people who live there probably only have about 50 servants.



Here’s what blows my mind. Not far from the Ambani house are bottom-rung-of-human-existence slums. And these slums were fairly small in comparison to the gigantic slum to the north of the city.


Here’s the edge of the slum.
You look down across the slum toward the water.

Here’s an incredibly well produced video showing basically the exact same thing as the pictures above, in case you are really bored: