Beat the Reaper — Great Book

This book is a terrifically fun read.

Following Pietro Brnwa, former hitman turned medical intern, through this sometimes outrageous ride (with plenty of well-integrated journeys back into his past to shed light on things) was addicting. Also, strangely, it was informative and thoughtful on subjects as diverse as the sordid history of German pharmaceutical companies and the tough issues facing doctors and hospitals today.

Its thoughtful sections do nothing to slow the pace. This is a story crafted so tightly, you can see the movie leaping off the page. (Last I heard, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way is producing the movie version.)

You can easily read Beat the Reaper in a few sittings, but you might want to savor it for a little longer than that.

The second book in the series is coming out today — I can’t wait.